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Counselling with me
Commercial Buildings

What to expect

Counselling starts with an assessment session that is intended to discuss what issues you wish to work through, it is goal orientated. Once you go forward for on going counselling we will agree a mutually suitable weekly session. If you have a routine work pattern then this will be the same slot each week. If you have a flexible work pattern then this will vary each week, sessions are usually 50minutes long but there are circumstances  the duration will be set at 70minutes. 

For how long

Counselling takes on many different time frames. There is short term counselling, which is up to 8 sessions, medium term, which is up to 24 sessions and long term counselling, which can be without time limit. There is also returning counselling to anyone who has received previous counselling and feels that they have reached a point whereby they have put into practice lessons from counselling but want to return for a new goal or to strengthen previous work.

Staying on track

We review the counselling throughout.  I encourage an open dialogue as to the value of the therapy. Ending with clients is an important part of the process and in an ideal scenario time is taken to end the sessions and discuss future options. Supervision is an essential part of providing counselling and I undergo this on a regular basis and adhere to BACP ethical standards.

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