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Counselling during COVID

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

As restrictions are easing people's thoughts are turning to getting back to normal. For some this is exciting, for others this may be causing anxiety and perhaps many will be feeling a mixture of both.

Lockdown has been testing for a lot of people and while reaching out can be difficult for some at the best of times, the very nature of lockdown gives the impression that help may not be available. However many services adapted very quickly so that they could be there for people.

As a Relate Counsellor, I witnessed first hand the incredible work that went into the transformation of services from face to face to online. And in my private practise I too made Zoom sessions available so that I could continue to support others. Whist this is still my main mode of working, I am looking forward to returning to face to face and I am currently putting processes in place to keep us safe.

As a volunteer for Childline, I know the amazingly proactive steps taken to keep the volunteers safe so that they could continue to be there for children, especially at a time when those children were losing access to many of their support channels.

Colleagues tell me of the agencies they are involved in such as The Samaritans, and how they have kept going, the availability of self referral online CBT services through the NHS and the widening of schemes to assist those suffering from domestic abuse.

There has been, undoubtedly, many challenges but whatever you are struggling with, keep googling support opportunities - there are very many out there. Here are a few links for you to be aware of:, - call 0800 1111, - call 116 123,,,,,, National agencies such as these offer a variety of services, some are on a national basis and others offer both national and local help. For more local services look up your local council website or council contact centre as they can be a very useful resource and source of support...keep looking for help and hopefully you will find your way.

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