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Sessions with me

I use a range of techniques to help you understand the influences that are at play in your life, which are impacting the way you relate to others and the enjoyment of shared time.

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Counselling starts with an assessment session that is intended to discuss what issues you wish to work through. From this, I will advise if couple counselling, individual counselling or some other service is the best way forward. If couple counselling is agreed I will see each of you for a one to one session in the following two weeks and then come back together for on going sessions.

FROM £60

 Having time and space to talk about and process your thoughts and feelings around the challenges that you are facing can lead to personal growth and new perspectives. Counselling one to one is a  way of examining what the driving forces are that keep you experiencing uncomfortable behaviours. 


Counselling is goal orientated. We use the assessment session to agree what you want to work on.  Couple counselling is an opportunity  to tell your stories and be heard in a safe environment. I will ensure that we are working towards your goals through regular reviews of progress and assessing any emerging issues.

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